About Us

About Dublin Counselling & Therapy Centre


Dublin Counselling and Therapy Centre was founded in 1990 and was initially located in Rialto. In 1993, the Centre moved to its present location in the city centre, on the corner of Upper Gardiner Street and Dorset Street.

Our Main Objective

The Centre’s purpose is to provide a professional counselling and psychotherapy service to support those who are experiencing personal, familial and social distress or difficulty. These services are aimed at promoting personal growth and well-being through attention to all aspects of the person’s life – physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual.

We are also committed to making our services accessible to those who are economically marginalised and who cannot afford to pay the rates that counsellors and psychotherapists normally charge. To meet this need, we offer a limited low-cost service so that those who have financial difficulty can avail of a service that is affordable for them. In exceptional circumstances, sessions may be offered free of charge.

Our Humanistic Ethos

The Centre bases all of its clinical and training work on the principles of humanistic psychology. This ethos ensures that all work undertaken in the Centre is respectful of:

  • the potential for each person to grow and to change
  • the complex and dynamic nature of human life
  • the fundamental equality of all persons
  • the uniqueness of each person’s experience
  • the responsibility of each person for himself or herself

Counselling & Psychotherapy Training

The Centre provides a comprehensive professional training programme for those wishing to obtain a recognised qualification in counselling and psychotherapy, as well as advanced programmes for qualified and accredited counsellors and psychotherapists. All of our programmes are designed to meet fully the training requirements for professional practice in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and throughout the European Union.

Privacy Policy

Pursuant to General Data Protection Regulation 2018, Dublin Counselling & Therapy Centre manages the personal data of all service users in compliance with current legislation. The current Privacy Policy can be found here: Dublin Counselling & Therapy Centre Privacy Policy